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10 Best Family Cars of 2018

Kia Soul

According to Parents Magazine, ten cars stood out as ideal family cars in 2018.

The magazine, which has for generations doled out advice to parents looking for better ways to raise their children, teamed up with vehicle rating service Edmunds.com to find the most family-friendly cars available in 2018. Safety, of course, was a top consideration for the evaluation team. Comfort, too, was also an important feature, since many families spend hours on the road traveling back and forth from work, school, and recreational activities. Here’s a list of their top picks: Kia Soul Tops Budget Category. At $15,800, the Kia Soul not only saves you money at the dealership, but also saves families plenty of cash at the pump, getting 30 miles to the gallon on the open road. Kia’s emphasis on safety was a top consideration, as was the car’s roomy cargo space and available high-tech entertainment options.