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New cars 2018: the 10 most exciting upcoming models revealed

It’s some way off, but 2018 promises a bumper crop of new cars. Our list details next year’s most important models. We’ve become used to a raft of new and exciting cars being launched each year, and 2018 looks to be no exception. While many of the cars set to launch next year are new versions of existing models – or names from the past brought back to life – manufacturers are constantly striving to make their cars lighter, safer and more environmentally friendly. It’s not just safety and efficiency that are evolving, though: new production methods mean carmakers are able to build cars that are more desirable and exciting to look at than ever before. We’ve selected 10 cars that are likely to dominate the headlines and sales charts in 2018.

Renault 5 hatchback

1. Renault 5 hatchback

Launched in 1972, the original Renault 5 became one of most successful cars of its kind thanks to its low price and a clever design that made the most of its small size. It was also one of the first mass-production cars to feature a hatchback boot – something we’ve come to take for granted since then. In resurrecting the 5’s name – 20 years since production ceased – Renault will focus primarily on efficiency. While the Renault 5 is likely to cost about the same as the popular Renault Clio, it’ll be built using all-new mechanical parts and have engines likely to achieve class-leading fuel economy. Renault is also working hard to ensure the 5’s interior is one of the most high-tech around when it goes on sale next year. A plug-in hybrid version is likely to be offered, too.