Best Driving Roads in the US: 10 Enthusiast Must-Drives

Best driving roads in the US

If you’re a car enthusiast craving adventure, the United States is a playground of incredible driving roads. From coastal wonders to mountain epics, let’s explore some of the best driving roads in the US, designed to thrill and inspire.

The USA’s vast and varied landscape holds a treasure trove of roads that set a car enthusiast’s heart racing.

From serpentine mountain passes to breathtaking coastal highways, let’s explore some of the country’s most exhilarating drives – journeys designed to be savored.

1. Highway 1: The Quintessential California Coast

Pacific Coast Highway

Highway 1, often called the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), is the legendary route that embodies the spirit of the Californian road trip.

Stretching almost the entire length of the state, it offers a jaw-dropping array of ocean views, charming seaside towns, towering redwood forests, and diverse landscapes.

This is a route best enjoyed at a leisurely pace, allowing time for exploration and soaking in the coastal atmosphere.

2. Tail of the Dragon: A Test of Skill

Tail of the Dragon
Tail of the Dragon #1” by wjklos is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Located on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, US-129’s ‘Tail of the Dragon’ has gained mythical status among driving enthusiasts.

Its 11 miles pack in a staggering 318 curves, demanding precision and respect.

While bragging rights are tempting, the real reward lies in mastering this technical route.

Remember, it’s far better to drive skillfully within your limits than to experience the consequences of exceeding them.

3. US-50: Nevada’s High-Speed Haven

Nevada's High-Speed Haven

Dubbed “The Loneliest Road in America,” US-50 offers a different kind of driving thrill.

Here, wide-open desert stretches and long straightaways invite you to safely enjoy high-speed runs, providing your car is up to the challenge.

This adventure requires preparation.

Ensure your vehicle is in tip-top condition, monitor fuel levels carefully, and be aware that services and amenities can be sparse along this remote route.

4. Blue Ridge Parkway: Autumn’s Masterpiece

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway, snaking through 469 scenic miles of the Appalachian Mountains, is a feast for the eyes.

While enjoyable throughout the year, autumn transforms this route into a spectacular display of vibrant fall foliage.

Countless overlooks, scenic hiking trails, and charming towns offer tempting reasons to linger along the way.

Plan extra time to experience all this treasured parkway has to offer.

5. The Overseas Highway: Tropical Island Paradise

The Overseas Highway

Florida’s iconic Route 1 takes road-tripping to the next level. Its unique “island hopping” experience provides endless ocean vistas and a taste of the Florida Keys’ laid-back lifestyle.

This journey is all about the panoramic views, enjoying the bridges themselves, and indulging in fresh seafood at waterside stops.

And of course, be ready for those legendary Florida sunsets.

6. Going-to-the-Sun Road: Rocky Mountain Majesty

Going-to-the-Sun Road
Going to the Sun Road” by brady193 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Glacier National Park’s Going-to-the-Sun Road is a 50-mile marvel of both engineering and natural beauty.

This historic route winds its way through the heart of the Rockies, treating drivers to awe-inspiring vistas of towering peaks, pristine lakes, and cascading waterfalls.

Take your time on this masterpiece, as photo opportunities and potential wildlife sightings are abundant.

7. Beartooth Highway: A High-Altitude Thrill Ride

Beartooth Highway

The Beartooth Highway, straddling Montana and Wyoming, is an adrenaline-fueled drive for those who crave a challenge.

This alpine route ascends to dizzying heights, navigating switchbacks and plunging valleys amidst ever-changing mountain scenery.

Prepare for unpredictable weather, breathtaking views, and a driving experience that will linger long in your memory.

8. Pikes Peak Highway: Colorado’s Iconic Climb

Pikes Peak Highway

Colorado’s legendary Pikes Peak Highway is a bucket-list experience for enthusiasts.

As you conquer the 19-mile climb to the summit of this iconic 14,000-foot peak, the air thins, and the views become more spectacular with every turn.

This route demands both driving skill and mechanical endurance, rewarding those who make it to the top with a true sense of accomplishment.

9. Skyline Drive: Virginia’s Scenic Delight

Skyline Drive
Shenandoah Skyline Drive – Autumn Gold” by Bold Frontiers is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Virginia’s Skyline Drive runs 105 miles along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park.

This route offers a somewhat gentler yet equally stunning alternative to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Expect panoramic mountain vistas, scenic overlooks, and the chance to explore the natural wonders of the Shenandoah Valley.

10. Cherohala Skyway: A Hidden Gem

Cherohala Skyway
Cherohala Skyway-3” by DzmitryParul is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Running through Tennessee and North Carolina, the Cherohala Skyway is a lesser-known jewel among American driving roads.

Its dramatic elevation changes, sweeping curves, and breathtaking mountain scenery make it a favorite among those who discover it.

Experience a thrilling yet serene drive surrounded by the lush forests of the southern Appalachians.

Tips for an Unforgettable Road Trip

  • Preparation is key: Check road conditions, weather forecasts, and make sure your vehicle is road-trip ready before embarking.
  • Embrace the journey: These roads are about the experience, not just your destination. Take breaks, explore, and capture the moments.
  • Share the thrill: A trusted co-pilot can elevate the fun, or relish the solo freedom these roads offer.
  • Safety first: Drive within your skill level, respect the limits (both legal and mechanical), and be aware of your surroundings.

The Open Road Calls

The best driving roads in the US await those with a hunger for thrills and scenery that stays with you long past the final turn.

So grab the keys, set a killer playlist, and discover why, for us car lovers, the adventure starts when we turn the ignition.

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