BMW Color Codes: Authentic BMW Hues for E46, E39, E53 (PDF)

BMW Color Codes PDF

Got a BMW and looking to match its original color? The original BMW Color Codes PDF is your go-to resource. This comprehensive guide covers a wide range of BMW models including the E46 3 Series, E39 5 Series, and E53 X5, E90 3 Series, E60 Series, and more… providing you with the exact color codes used by BMW.

This isn’t just about picking paint; it’s about preserving the authenticity and heritage of your BMW.

What’s inside the BMW Color Codes PDF?

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Extensive Color Listings: Every hue for selected models, from vibrant reds to classic blacks.
  • Easy Reference: Color codes are clearly listed alongside the model names, making it easy to find what you need.
  • Models Galore: Whether you own a sporty E46 M3 or a luxurious E60 5 Series, this guide has you covered.

Perfect for restorations, touch-ups, or simply satisfying your curiosity, this color code guide ensures that your BMW remains true to its original glory.

BMW Color Codes: Your Key to Personalization

BMW Color Codes offer BMW owners a world of customization possibilities. This valuable PDF resource provides a comprehensive list of color options and their corresponding codes, enabling owners to precisely match or modify their BMW’s color.

Whether preserving the signature BMW look, exploring creative expression, or ensuring accurate touch-ups, the Color Codes PDF empowers owners to make informed choices that reflect their unique style and maintain their BMW’s distinctive appeal.

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